Zehavah Handler Therapy

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

- Oscar Wilde

Zehavah Handler

Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Online and in-person

Hi, my name is Zehavah and I am a BACP registered therapist.  I work with adults, teens and couples, and am available either online or in-person in Finchley, North West London, UK.

Sometimes life gets tough and we need to talk through our difficulties in a safe and confidential, non-judgemental space.

Perhaps you have a pressing issue, are going through difficulty in a relationship or at work.  Maybe you are feeling depressed or anxious, have experienced a loss, and feel that things are ‘not quite right’ in your world, or have a mental health condition.  Therapy can help with these, among other issues.

I also work with sleep issues, and specialize in insomnia.  You can read more about that at www.insomniahealing.com or be in touch to discuss your sleep or other concerns.

Please contact me via: